A roaring post-punk band from England, TV Priest play hard, energetic rock music whose physical power is matched by the social and political commentary of their lyrics. Vocalist Charlie Drinkwater speaks more than he sings as he shares cynical and impressionistic verbiage focused on contemporary culture over the noisy but grooving accompaniment of the band.

Guitarist Alex Sprogis, keyboard player Nic Bueth, and drummer Ed Kelland complete the quartet. They recently announced the release of their second album, My Other People.

Support: Abdomen
The Leeuwarden based Abdomen makes raw and loud post-punk full of distortion, chorus and reverb. They’re influenced by a multitude of different genres and are melting them together resulting into a compelling wall of sound.

Abdomen’s debut album ‘Emetophobia’ is filled with rage, self-loathing and anxiety. They released the album under the Harlem label Geertruida and has been received well both nationally and internationally. They recorded the album in Leeds with producer Matt Peel (Pulled Apart By Horses, Autobahn, Eagulls, Bad Breeding). About a year later they released the much heavier and noisier EP “Rash”.

Abdomen has gained a lot of experience doing support acts for bands such as Ex-Cult and Bad Breeding, and have toured in the UK, Germany and Norway.

In 2022 they recorded a new album in Tapetown, Aarhus (Denmark) which will be released early 2023.