VERA and DOT present: Pieter de Graaf in the DOT dome with custom-made visuals!

Pieter de Graaf started his musical career with his own jazz ensemble and with The Kyteman Orchestra, but has been playing solo since 2018. He improvises and combines simple melodies with virtuoso passages. In this way he creates neo-classical piano music with a unique sound that is always evolving.

As a solo artist, De Graaf previously released the album ‘Fermata’ (2019) and subsequently the EP ‘Vortex’ (2019). And with success, in 2020 he won prizes in the neoclassical category at the Edisons Classic. In 2021, De Graaf released his album ‘Equinox’ and most recently the EP ‘Home’ (2022). During this latest release, de Graaf took the first steps in the Metaverse by making 50 ‘Home NFTs’ available.

Taking inspiration from Chopin, Keith Jarrett and Miles Davis, Pieter de Graaf makes improvised, neo-classical piano music. Comparisons with Nils Frahm and Einaudi are obvious, but with the added electronics and jazz influences, De Graaf manages to create a unique sound.