The Guardian has labelled Chaise Longue as the most fun British indierock-hitsong since I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor. This is only a glimpse of the storm of praise Wet Leg has received in the past year. The irresistible, hypercatchy songs of this young quintet are brimming with energy, wry humor, and attentiveness. Live, Wet Leg fully live up to the hype show after show.

The formation of the band is as absurd as it is poetic. After an IDLES performance, the band members decided to get on a Ferris wheel while being drunk. At the top came the eureka moment for their band name. That’s actually remained a constant factor for Wet Leg in making music: wringing out the comical to the last drop from the strange and everyday situations. On the 5th of November you can find them on VERA mainstage!

Support: Coach Party
Coach Party grew up on the Isle of Wight (“it’s only a matter of time until you meet pretty much everyone else on the Island,” says Eastwood) and eventually crossed paths as avid music fans – working in venues, playing together and meeting at the same gigs. Coach Party eventually formed after Eastwood and guitarist Steph Norris decided to start playing music together; quickly realising that there was something special about the pair’s songwriting and bond, guitarist Joe Perry and drummer Page joined the ranks. Musically, Coach Party are inspired by a broad palate of artists, but always find themselves drawn back to Nirvana, Sonic Youth and The Strokes, and contemporary artists like Wolf Alice, The Big Moon and Tame Impala. Ultimately though, Coach Party’s primary drive to write and perform music comes from “the often entertaining struggle of real life.” The band still live and work on the Isle of Wight (Jess at a farm park, Guy in a music studio and Steph & Joe in cafes), and describe life on the island as going “through pretty distinct phases of being a great, and a really frustrating place to live.”