The audiovisual collective ŽEN began in 2010 in Zagreb, where it found its creative home. ŽEN playfully dissects gender stereotypes and connects the boundaries of audio and visual art by immersing vocal harmonization in a progressive symbiosis of guitar, bass, drums and synthesizers. If the band had to describe itself, they would call it a complex form of indie rock, with influences from post-rock, shoegaze, math-rock and synthwave. The band’s debut called “I onda je sve počelo” was released in 2013 on queer feminist label Unrecords. In recent years, ŽEN has performed at many major European festivals (Europavox, Colours of Ostrava, Tallinn Music Week, INmusic, Welcome to the Village…) and in clubs from the Baltics to the Balkans.

Schau Schau is a new project by Kalle Wolters & Maarten Huizing, born from a desire to make music in the vein of their old band Kinoo. It’s a more rhythm-oriented continuation of that music, influenced by 80s bands like Talking Heads, Echo & The Bunnymen and CAN and current day bands like Parquet Courts, Corridor and Preoccupations.