That Groningen has such a vibrant art scene is largely due to Minerva Academy, where aspiring artists are challenged to develop their talents. You might think initially of painting or sculpture, but there are also films and animations in the works. A shame if those creations would remain within the school walls, of course. 

That’s why the second edition of Zieneminerva is happening! And we have some additional good news. Due to the huge success of last time, we are now hosting two evenings: April 1 and 2. We have put together a program of short films from the up-and-coming talent at the academy. We also invite some of the makers for short Q&As about their work.

Get ready for an eclectic evening with original work by young local makers, ranging from thought-provoking animation to abstract stop-motion; from intimate documentaries to hardcore art film.


Jackie Weerman – I’ll wait for you
Finn Hoppen – Excuisit Corpse
Harm de Vlas – Myn Rêst
Jenny Mylonopoulou – Autumn Moments
Euan Rogerson – Outlaw For Your Love
Lam Truongová  – New Year With You
Sukhmani Lunial & Emily Pos Lucid
Blanca Hiemstra – The freight train
Manon Dessainte – Inside the Brain
Kiva Mitrea – Giant Dreams (part 1)
Kiva Mitrea – Floaters
Yaron van der Berg – Reenactment of a childhood photograph
Eva Hoogenberg – Oma
Manon Dessainte – City Symphony
Finn Hoppen – Opening Shot
Sally Remy – The Storyteller
Maya Rodenburg-Broido – Winter Reflections
Inge van der Ham – 2084
Eva Hoogenberg – Blue Delusion