After their first performance in 2015 and their second performance in 2019, Zuco 103 are now performing on the VERA mainstage for the 3rd time!

Zuco 103 started in 1999 under the name Rec.a. The collaboration between singer Lilian Vieira, keyboard player Stefan Schmid and drummer Stefan Kruger originated from the lively world of musicians of groups such as SFeQ and New Cool Collective. Acid jazz with a Brazilian tinge became a powerful source of energy for these early adaptors.

Internationally, the turn of the millennium was marked by adventurous explorations between live music and dance. Within this movement, Zuco 103 grew into one of the most talked-about pioneers. The trio had met in 1989 at the Rotterdam Conservatory, where the Brazilian Vieira studied singing. Schmid came up with the term ‘Brazilectro’ as a description for their music, which became an international concept and a scene of kindred artists and deejays. Drum‘n’bass was cut up by Zuco 103 with samba, bossa nova and dub, among other sounds, in a way that is natural, refreshing and very danceable. Zuco 103 have played clubs and festivals worldwide with great success, including highlights such as Fuji Rock Japan, Rock Werchter and North Sea Jazz Festival, among others.

But while their pioneering career and deep discography marks them out as veterans of the scene, in 2023 Zuco 103 are more vital than ever. The corona pandemic gave the band a moment to pause from their busy touring schedule and get back to basics. The result is their ninth album Telenova, a collection of intimate songs, uptempo funk, and brazilian and afro cuban grooves that typifies the band’s feel-good energy. It’s a true reflection of their natural chemistry playing together, that’s still going strong after 24 years. Telenova finds them at the height of their powers, still exploring and searching out musical adventures.