Zwemfest is coming up again! This is a festival for and by student associations of the University of Groningen: VIP (Psychology), GHD Ubbo Emmius (History), GLV Idun (Life Science & Technology) & Ibn Battuta (Social Geography), but feel free to join the party if you're not a member!
The festival collects the best upcoming indie-rock bands and present them on a gazzeling evening in legendery VERA Groningen!

Check the bands below and join us in an night full of marvelous and danceable music!


This festival is organised as a regular event, without the 1,5 meters distance and with a maximum capacity of 75%. We will do a coronacheck at the door, you’ll need a valid ID and ticket. More information on this page.


Line-up Mainstage:

Queen's Pleasure
Queen’s pleasure is the headliner of Zwemfest 2021. Queen’s Pleasure is an impertinent semi-psychedelic classic four piece garagerock outfit, based in Amsterdam. Driven by a brutal and poetic desire for love, Queen’s Pleasure sounds like a mix of Dandy Warhols and Blur, with the power of The Ramones and the melancholy of The Smiths. A ‘Wall of sound’ delivered with an energy you can expect from a group in their late teens.
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Banji is a hyperactive 8-bit indie hiphop foursome. Banji’s first single “Listen” will have you harkening back to the days of Beck, Cake and early Weezer. You’ll spastically dance as the Dutch group crash guitar fuzz into a wall of synths and gleefully watch the chaos ensue.  Their second single Dogbreath was received with just as much enthousiasm from the public.
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Magnetic Spacemen
The first band we announced for Zwemfest is Magnetic Spacemen.Magnetic Spacemen's energetic, weird and cool garagerock and surfy postpunk songs make you long to go dance in a full moshpit. So far two EP's and an album have been released, but at the start of the first lockdown they've started recording their new album "Papoya Poya" which will be out next august, fortunately for us just in time for Zwemfest. Magnetic Spacemen will be the second act on the line-up to play mainstage, and we can't wait!
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In March Cloudsurfers released their debut album, and they took off since! Their Californian garagerock and Australian psychrock inspired songs are filled with energy and you'll be unable to stay still when they will open our mainstage on the 30th of September. Expect a show full of sweaty garagerock tunes and fuzzed out punkrock madness!
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Opening our downstage will be Deveron! Their guitar-heavy songs will set the tone in our downstage, where the fans of some dirty garagepunk (think of bands like Idles, Metz or Thee Oh Sees) will love these three men. This year they are participating in Popronde, and we're very happy to welcome them on our Zwemfest stage on the 30th of September!!
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Get Jealous
Our next downstage act will be Get Jealous! This band makes short, very catchy and energetic songs that are a nice mix between pop and punk, sweet and wild, happy and awfully serious. The lyrics describe themes such as feminism, insecurity, jealousy but also cats. The 30th of September Get Jealous will play downstage, and we are very excited to be swept away by their music and energy!
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Shaemless is a brutally honest and very diverse post-punk band, with their songs ranging from agressive to serene without ever losing their musicality and danceability! They already released 4 EP's and after a year of writing they are releasing their debut album this year; and on the 30th of September they will play on our very own Zwemfest stage - downstage in the middle of the evening!
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