Vera would not be thé center of Underground Pop culture in Groningen without its many volunteers. At the moment, we have approx. 240 volunteers who, together with the staff, keep our awesome club up and running. Without our volunteers, VERA as you know it would not exist.

Traditionally, everybody can become a member of VERA as you work one daypart every two weeks. In exchange, members of VERA can visit all concerts and activities for free! There are many different functions for volunteers, and whether it’s hanging coats in the cloakroom or creating a lightshow for a band, they’re equally important for our program. As a volunteer, you take care of dividing and executing the work together with your group.

Wanna know more about volunteering in VERA, or do you have any other questions? Contact Niels: [email protected]

Internship (light-) Technician
For more information about internships for (light-) technician please contact [email protected]