Since 2014, you can make use of the many benefits that the personal VERA card offers you and you’ll really be part of the VERA club!
The card costs € 44,-. The card is sent to the address in your account.

Artwork: Marieke Druiven

What does the VERA Clubcard offer?
– You get at least 12 free shows a year (picked by VERA)
– Free wardrobe
– Free entrance for the Downstage shows on Saturday.
– Free entrance for most of the dancenights on Saturday
– 10% discount at these record stores: Plato, Elpee and De Jongens van Hemmes.
– 10% discount at coffee specialist: Black & Bloom (drinks only).
– “Daghap” (Daily special) for 14,50 euro’s in Het Pakhuis

> The card is valid in 2024 and can be purchased at any time. The sooner you do, the more benefit you will have.
> You’ll receive a monthly newsletter with the Clubcard shows in it.
> The card is PERSONAL with your name on it. When abused, we will block it.
> To purchase the club card click BUY and make an account. Do not forget to fill in your address, otherwise we can’t  send the card.

Is it a gift? Send an email to [email protected] with his or her full name and e-mail address in it.