“What do you do at this point in your career, when you’ve been around for so long?”

That’s Lori S. from San Francisco’s Acid King. These days she’s asking the big questions. The storied guitarist and frontwoman has been building her electric empire, riff-by-riff, for nearly 30 years. Though Acid King’s lineup may change, Lori remains the driving force and master cylinder.

Adopting the nickname of notorious teenage slayer Ricky Kasso, Acid King came screaming out of San Francisco in 1993 with a sound that fused heavy ’70s proto-metal with the kind of bleary, slow- rolling dirge power being harnessed by their contemporaries in Sleep and Electric Wizard.

Special guest Earth Tongue plays explosive fuzz-loaded stoner pop with a slug of lush vocals and punishing drums. At times, their songs are shrill and disorientating, other times their reverb-washed textures and instantly-familiar hooks can wrap you in a warm, loving embrace.