Mix a dose of Klezmer with a pinch of jazz, add a shot of Balkan and a smidgen of Gypsy, et voilà, you’ve got the recipe for Amsterdam Klezmer Band. Brass, double bass, accordion and percussion all bolster each other with pulsing grooves full of subtle yet raw energy. They like to make an audience sweat, but they can make you dream away on a soulful lament as well.

The Amsterdam Klezmer Band started out on the streets in 1996 as a group of buskers playing traditional Yiddish Music. 25 Years have gone by in no time! The band has evolved into an internationally celebrated band with a rock solid live reputation. AKB manages to keep their music fresh, urgent and often highly danceable wherever they take the stage.

On the most recent Amsterdam Klezmer Band album Fortuna, released in 2020, Stefan Schmid opened up about the seasoned Amsterdam Klezmer Band. Schmid: “In fact it’s all about brotherhood. A good deal of Gotspe combined with typical Amsterdam boldness, that’s Amsterdam Klezmer Band. Fortuna is a unique album with subtle added disorderly elements.’’ So is it still Klezmer we’re dealing with? Damn right it is! The sound of Klezmer Music has developed and changed throughout time and we see no reason to put this fact on hold.