In 2023 Avalance Kaito already made way into VERA for a KEXP live session and a live show during ESNS. Now, the band is returning with their own tour.

Burkinabe griot and multi-instrumentalist Kaito Winse stumbled upon Brussels-based noise- and postpunk duo Benjamin Chaval and Nico Gitto by coincidence. Going by Avalanche Kaito the trio develops music in which they manage to combine seductive trance power and a wicked experimental
side. According to The Wire they play “Freaked, juddering electronic punk.”, a sound that’s unique in the musical landscape in many ways.

Their first album was released in June 2022, and in 2024 Avalanche Kaito will release their second album.

Finnish avant garde, noise-rock two piece NYOS will be the support of tonight. The duo return with their new album Waterfall Cave Fantasy, Forever in which they combine the mutant funk-punk looping of Battles and Tortoise with a cinematic wall of sound akin to that of post-rock titans Russian Circles, NYOS continue to contrast their outstanding compositional complexity with live improvisations. Their new album sees NYOS reach new heights of playful chaos and uninhibited, soaring joy.