Mean women, booze and the devil on his back that’s what Bob Wayne is all about. He’s an outlaw and a country singer with a smart sense of humour and a belly full of beer. However, he’s not just that. He can play the guitar really well and captures that unique trucking sound, the one that makes you instantly feel like you’re sitting next to him in his John Deer with a bottle in hand. And yeah, he can also mimmick that pull string truckers horn like he’s been on the road his whole life.

In recent years there has been a surge in country and Americana music. Talented musicians like Daniel Payne, the boys from SS Web, Leonardt and Hank III have all contributed to this fine new style of music that’s been around since porches were built. Bob Wayne was one of the first pioneers to share his love for country music with us. He’s been coming here for years, played in clubs, pubs, little sheds in the woods and quite possibly in whorehouses all over the world.

He drank with us and partied with us and stole our women and our jobs. He’s quite the legend in the scene. Starting out as the guitar tech and support act for Hank III, Wayne’s mean concoction of burning edge lyrics and wild guitar playing fuelled with diesel fumes and whiskey touches serious subjects like his dad’s suicide, a life long of alcohol and drugs, but also finds him happy to sing about every day life truckin’ and being on the road.

Born in Seattle, Wayne’s a story teller first of all, like a Charles Bukovski of outlaw music. He has a good way with words, they are edgy and sharp, they cut through his music, like a knife through a well cooked rib. Something I’ve experienced with all these country guys that come over is you feel like you’ve known them your whole life. They’ve been through the same shit. Married the wrong women, drank the wrong liquor, did the wrong drugs and they tell you all about it in their songs and later, sitting at the bar, drinking that liquor again, which leads to even more life stories. Anyway you get the geste. No honky tonk bullshit. The real shabang.

Lately he has cleaned up a bit, he ditched the long hair and the bandana, lost a bit of weight and is all dressed in black like the one and only. He has a truckload of new songs in his pocket and is doing a crazy country version of Adele’s Skyfall, with a funny video to go with of course. He’s bringing a band of talented musicians, fierce fiddlers and bad ass banjo players.

If they survived that is! Check out Bob Wayne’s coming to Europe tour advert on YouTube to find out!

Bob Wayne. He’s punk as fuck, mean as hell and sweet as a kitten.

Support The Dolltones are a rock ’n roll outfit from Groningen. I’ve seen them live many times and they always pack a good punch of up beat rockabilly with a pleasant serving of soul.

Their songs are melodic, easily digested and are delivered with a whole lot of enthusiasm. A little bit of country, a dash of funk, a sleazy sounding slide guitar and an upright bass to go with that happy Stray Cats strut. It’s hard to stand still when these boys play their set, so wear your best dancing shoes to go with that cowboy hat. Heeeehaw!