In the past five years Bonny Doon has shifted from being a Detroit band to an outfit spread between California and Michigan, and now Michigan and New York. Despite the new challenge of distance the band members leaned on their friendship to sustain the collaboration, which has blossomed more than ever on their third album.

Playing an amiable mixture of folk-rock, alt-country, indie pop, and pastoral psychedelia, Bonny Doon are a band who defy nearly all expectations of how a band should sound. Their music is laid-back but not lazy, with a graceful melodic sense and an instrumental blend influenced by 1970s soft rock, infused with a focus and insistence that keeps their work engaging.

Everything grows on the second album of support act Nagasaki Swim. Two years after the debut album, The Mirror, the project of Rotterdam songwriter Jasper Boogaard is back with a broadened horizon and even more collaborative spirit. Band members, acquaintances, and alt-country comrades such as Mike Brenner (Songs: Ohia) and Molly Germer (Alex G) all leave their mark on Everything Grows, a splendid ode to the everyday, to the dark days, and to self-development in a disrupted world.