Vancouver-based multimedia collective Crack Cloud utilize the combined talents of various artists, filmmakers, musicians, and designers to deliver striking visuals and a core band that straddles art-rock and post-punk.

The group was originally formed by vocalist and drummer Zach Choy and keyboardist Mohammed Ali Sharar, who wanted an outlet to distract them from their spiraling drug habits. They quickly found other individuals with drug-related issues and some who were mental health workers, all of them wanting a project that would cultivate self-betterment and collectivism; among the second wave of members were guitarist Jon Varley and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Robertson. Although the lineup was nebulous by nature, they quickly put together two EPs, Crack Cloud and Anchoring Point, which they collated into their eponymous debut album in 2018. After comprising over 20 members — with seven of those dedicated to touring — they began to expand on their sound and production technique, gearing up for the release of their second full-length, 2020’s Pain Olympics.