Expect the unexpected with Electropoëzie. A writer who raves and whispers his words. Accompanied by danceable beats en sparkling melodies. And all this in your face. Litteraly in your face. Uncomfartable perhaps, but in the end your body can do nothing but listen to the music and you begin to move rhytmically. Your brain gets forced into choosing between controlling the dance and thinking about life and death. Which are both intertwined in the lyrics of Electropoëzie. An interaction between the given energy of the artists and the audience starts to grow. Together they will work towards a surprised collective outcry: ‘What did we just experience?!’

Electropoëzie brings the following acts:

WATERBOLK is a ‘psychedelic cry-pop project’ built around Eva Waterbolk. Eva played solo from 2015 to 2018 and created sad, goosebump-worthy songs with lyrics that (stick). The band emerges from a combination of noise and memory. The edges are sweet but ragged.

Never Been to Berlin takes listeners on a journey into uncharted territory. On their debut album, “Aha-Erlebnis” (2020), you’ll hear mesmerizing trance, uplifting pop and powerfull beats. The compelling English-language dance music taps inspiration from a variety of genres.

Ioana Iorgu digs her nails into your skin with the unsettling yet engaging atmosphere she creates with dissonant post-punk guitars that will make your diaphragm rumble, and chugging drums that directly contrast with the softly spoken cold-hearted lyrics.

Zeevonk Records is a new Groningen record label that believes in the power of the collective. If you look carefully around you, you will see that the most beautiful will rise to the surface and brighten the night. Zeevonk is a label of musicians and artists.