After the release of their first song ’T-shirt van Metallica’ Fleddy Melculy has been picked up by various social media outlets, and within six months they became one of the most popular Belgian metal acts of the last decade. They played in major venues in Belgium and the Netherlands, got signed at Sony Music and scored one cult hit after another.

Fleddy Melculy is an established metal and hardcore band in the Benelux. On their new record ‘ANTICHLIST’ they’re going into a different musical direction and go back to a more classic 90s sound with a modern twist. This record will show how diverse Fleddy Melculy can be.

‘ANTICHLIST’ is an album about getting old, the past, diversity between men, fake news, hatred, cold feet, and the world that has gone to shit.

Support: Tusky
David Achter de Molen gained fame as the singer of John Coffey, the Dutch punk/hardcoreband that popularized hard music in the Netherlands once again. When they quit after 10 years, Tusky arose from the ashes. They played in VERA this year with Beachdog where both bands share the frontman, Tusky will now tour as support for Fleddy Melculy.