I am a songwriter and my name is GOLD MASS.
My music has a dark and intimate soul. There’s no malice nor superficiality in the creative moment. There’s not even the thought of an audience. Writing for me is first of all an intimate act, there is nothing else, there is no one else. My songs are always born out of a tension that I need to express in words and sounds. I only write about things that I live. That’s my way of understanding what I feel and emancipating myself from it. Only then I feel released.

Some say art is an exorcism, music is a big prayer. I believe this is true.
It’s not just a matter of passion, writing music is a powerful therapy. And when it’s done, it keeps you the sweetest company. It may even become entertainment for someone else who resonates with it. It’s a fascinating communication cycle. I let my songwriting show my personality, my visions and my history.

GOLD MASS is an enigmatic Italian physicist-turned-independent-electronic artist. Her work is deeply intimate and confessionary with the artist herself describing her songwriting as a form of therapy, “an exorcism, it is the truth”. As with life, the music of GOLD MASS is full of glorious contradictions. Always enveloping and hypnotic, the sound is at times dark, tense and minimal, in other moments it has warmth, sensuality and playfulness.