Rotterdam-based Iguana Death Cult became known for their giddy, hard-hitting garage punk and acid-soaked psychedelia. Today, the five-piece has become an all-encompassing entity that implements influences from post-punk, krautrock, new wave, soul and disco in their music.

For a band as incendiary as Iguana Death Cult, only a deep and lasting friendship can bridge the musical divisions within. When the pandemic struck, and people around the world suddenly became suspicious of each other, Iguana Death Cult, in addition to being one of Europe’s most exciting rock exports, became more than just a band for its members – it became a therapy.

Now that those times are behind them, Iguana Death Cult is coming to the VERA Mainstage for the third time.

And they have a new release! Echo Palace, released on 12 May. Echo Palace shows more of their groovy and funky side.

In the summer of 2021, Library Card originated from the close-knit Rotterdam music scene. With their first release Mirror Factory, the band clearly illustrated its ability to create captivating universes which perfectly encapsulate Van Teylingen’s impactful and emotional storytelling. On the 19th of October the band released the live-session of their hostile and menacing song Residual Heat. The session, shot in an empty office building, shows the band engulfing every nook and cranny with their sonic intensity.