Formed in 2012, after jamming together in Bangsaen Beach, Thailand. The band called Khana Bierbood began to take things when they found a way to create their own music. Inspired by rock’n roll, funk and soul that came over from the US around the sixties.  60’s psychedelia, Garage, Surf are the main influences for those essential funky Thai beats.

Khana Bierbood combines western influences with mind blowing molam music. A traditional music genre in Thailand that has been prohibited by the elite for quite some years. This so called ‘music for the poor’ has been a structural influence for this groovy, danceable and unique sound.


Khana Bierbood (คณะ เบียร์บูด) - 07 - Bangsaen Lady (นวลนางบางแสน)
Khana Bierbood / คณะเบียร์บูด - แสงดาว (Starshine) Ep. Version