Levellers are still going strong after over 35 years in the game. They have long been, and still are, one of the best live bands around, and in 2020 they released their new studio album Peace. They celebrated the 30th anniversary of their hit album, Levelling the Land, back in 2021. Redefining the UK’s musical landscape, the album featured hit singles like One Way, 15 Years and Far From Home and Liberty Song.

Over the years, the Brighton folk-rock band have worn many masks; most self-made, some imposed upon them. But while their status has evolved over the decades, the basic humanity underpinning their music has remained constant. They decided to do something a bit different with their back catalogue in 2018 and  developed new acoustic arrangements with a string string section for eight of their previous singles; which they recorded straight to tape at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios – the result was Top 20 album We The Collective.

2023 was an extra special year for the Levellers, as not only did they celebrate 35 years of being a band, but it was also the 20th anniversary of their Beautiful Days Festival in August – now one of the biggest independent music festivals in the UK.

From support Bumble B. Boy you get a total concept that even includes YouTube episodes about the life of this frolicking bee band. The music is reminiscent of Madness, Squid, Talking Heads and Thee Oh Sees. You can see from this list of bands that the music is difficult to pin down, but one thing is clear: Bumble B. Boy is here to entertain.