Love, hate, broken promises and five friends all come together in the streets of a hostile city. Los Nadiethe nobodies – are young people united by wanderlust, who find refuge and an opportunity to escape in street art and music.

Camilo, Mechas, Manu, Ana and Pipa are five friends experiencing that existential trance produced by a blend of emotions: the intense unrest, sense of astonishment, covert tenderness and manifest rage that are all so typical of the end of adolescence. They survive at the edge of a city, Medellin, both physically and symbolically – a city that attracts and excludes them, that lures them with promises but rejects them with hostility, yet one which they embrace by transforming the dominant forces of fear from above, from the powers that be and from their parents. Music, street art and friendship are their weapons of resistance, and fuel their hope for a journey, a rite of passage that will change them forever.