Your attention please! Please note that due to the length of this two-part feature, we will beginning screening at 19:30 instead of 20:30h.

In Nymphomaniac, we follow the adventures of a young woman, a sex addict, who, after a confrontation with one of her lovers, finds solace with a Good Samaritan, to whom she tells her life story – one which is coloured by her insatiable thirst for sex, with as many men as possible, and as extreme as possible. With his trademark handheld camera, Lars von Trier investigates the boundary between lust and love in Nymphomaniac, building upon explicit sex scenes.

Nymphomaniac is the final part of Von Trier’s Depression Trilogy, which he began with Antichrist and continued with Melancholia. Like in these two movies, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Von Trier’s muse, once again plays a role in which she explores the murky depths of her psychological and sexual being. She is supported by a select cast of cinematic celebrities, including Von Trier diehards like Willem Dafoe and Stellan Skarsgård.