This concert or movienight is organised as a regular event.
We will do a coronacheck at the door, you’ll need a valid ID and ticket. More information on this page.

Dutch rockers Paceshifters have been going strong for more than decade . But after 10 years of non-stop touring, and releasing four full length albums, it was time for a change. Time for a brand new plan.

That new plan happens to be a fresh new studio album, which was recorded in Belgium and produced by lan Clement of Flemish  alternative rockers Wallace Vanborn. Before commencing work on the new album Seb (vocals/guitar), Paul (bass/vocals) and Jesper (drums / vocals ) decided to aim for a fresh approach and different sound : “We made quite a few changes”, explains Seb, “new management, new record label, new booking agency but also played a bit with our image and definitely revamped our sound. Everything is different now , except the name of the band and it’s still the same three guys making a lot of noise.”First single ‘Hurdles’ is a fine example of the new direction the band have taken; urgent, contemporary and melodic , but with its roots firmly planted in the rock sounds we all know and love. In these difficult and uncertain times, Paceshifters can’t wait to get out there and play. Paceshifters have always been known for their energetic and no holds barred live performances, “that’s the one thing that will never change, as soon as we walk that stage, we will give our fans all that we’ve got.”