The indie rock formation Pip Blom comes from the Netherlands, but is making an international name for itself. With an energetic stage presence that makes them a joy to play and songs that stick in your head like earwigs, the group has performed at festivals ranging from Best Kept Secret (the Netherlands) to Glastonbury (England).

Meanwhile, the first single from the new album, to be released in the fall, is online. Tiger landed on the playlists of 3FM and Kink within the first week and was also immediately picked up by radio stations in England, Germany and America. Tiger gives a good insight into Pip Blom’s new direction. The ‘catchy pop songs with a twist’ remain, but where the old material was all about guitars, now synthesizers, samples and computers also play a role. A new sound, without losing the appeal and characteristics of the old.

As support Parker Fans will be joining. Parker is the saviour. Everyone wants to be like Parker. Everyone including Sem, Abel and Kick. That’s why their new dance project had to be called Parker Fans. With almost no budget and even lesser shame is Parker Fans singing about the hassle of daily life with semi-electric indieboogie.