EN: This concert is rescheduled to 2022 due to the corona crisis. Tickets remain valid.
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Porridge Radio’s blend of garage rock, slowcore, and art-punk started as the D.I.Y. project of Brighton, England’s Dana Margolin. Her first set of solo acoustic demos, Misery Radio, got a small-label release in 2015. The project expanded to a five-piece for 2016’s Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers before making a leap in recording quality and volatility with 2020’s Every Bad, Porridge Radio’s first studio album.

Sometimes things just work out. Writing their first single ‘Leave Me There’ was one of those occasions for Loupe. It being the actual first song they’ve created together as a band is just an additional footnote for this four-piece from Amsterdam. While the music had been written by Lana (bass guitar), Annemarie (drums) and Jasmine (guitar) the lyrics and a fitting vocalist were still lacking. They found their missing link in Julia (vocals).