When Oathbreaker decided to take a break, guitarist Lennart Bossu started a new band: Predatory Void. With friends from bands such as Aborted, Carnation, Amenra and Cross Bringer, he completed the lineup.

Lina R.’s vocals make it difficult to pigeonhole the band. Roughly speaking, they are in the same realm as current bands like Thou, Alcest, King Woman, Liturgy and Swans. Predatory Void’s debut album promises a merciless look into their universe and will be released in May 2023.

Support TAKH formed in 2015 when The Black Heart Rebellion invited Annelies Van Dinter as a guest musician. Their love of doom and gloom brought them together to write new music. Inspired by Swans and Low or Woven Hand, they focus on what really motivates them in life and are certainly not shy of experimentation. Their self-titled debut album will be released on Consouling Sounds Records in May 2023.