”We don’t want to be stuck with booking only garage rock every year.” were Robert’s words when we asked him why The King’s Garage Sale is now called Royal Rumble. We think that’s fair, because there are plenty other acts within the alternative music scene that also deserve a spot in Vera. But I also understand that no matter how hard you try to remove the garage from the event, you will never take the event away from garage rock. So expect April 26 to be a good, old-fashioned King’s Day in Vera like every year before. Free fun, board games in the cloakroom, the smell of weed and sound of Reggae from the basement and who knows, maybe free baopao sandwiches from Koos. And yes, garage rock on a scaled-down mainstage!

This year we welcome the Sha La Lees from Limburg, Gee Strings from Cologne/Köln and Das Audio Combo from Grunn. Sha La Lees is a band consisting of members of The Kik, The Sore Losers, El Guapo Stunt Team, Supervice and Evil Superstars. Fans of the Oblivians, the Sonics or Dune Rats will be happy with the Sha La Lees. Two months ago they even made our Downstage unsafe during Jagersonic. Were you, like me, not there? Ralf has a review for you: ‘’”Well, I remember that it was fantastic but too short and that is of course never good, but maybe in this case it is because I’m very hyped that they’re coming to play again’’

Das Audio Combo is drawn from our own clay, a band with a great love for German supermarket chains. Expect recognizable faces on organ and drums with a sound as if rock ’n roll didn’t only exist in the 50’s and 60’s.

The last band of the Royal Rumble are Gee Strings from Cologne. They make typical 70s rock music with a pinch of punk. Ever since the 90s, they have been answering the question: if only there was something like T-Rex, Amyl and the Sniffers, Les Lullies and The Cavemen. All in all, if you’re a basement bar veteran like we are, I expect nothing more than that you’d be there! Only excuse I will accept is if you’re selling your old stuff on a rug, a stone’s throw away from VERA with a tear in your right eye.

See ya! | HILLE