The Covids is a band from Amsterdam that brings some contagious punkrock. With a love for punkrock from the late 70’s that they combine with more pop-oriented sounds, their music results in a unique and irresistable sound. The Covids owe their name to the first lockdown here in The Netherlands, which is when the band was created. Due to the pandemic some of their shows have been postponed more than 10 times, but times have changed, and january 26th The Covids will be performing in VERA together with Splinter!

Splinter wants nothing more than unite every person and all groups who are working on their own alternative things. That sounds like a serious ambition, and maybe it is, but in the end it’s all about a bunch of authentic energy that brings people together. And that’s exactly what this band is built on.

Moshing as if your life depends on it, that’s what support act FRONTSECTOR is all about. Their music is a mixture of old school punk, garagerock and even hardcore, which sounds similar to bands like Minor Threat or Teen Idles.