Tartarus Records is a DIY dark experimental label from Groningen, the Netherlands. The record label was found in 2012 by Richard Postma, and focusses on limited edition metal releases on vinyl and cassette.

ULTHA is a five-piece black metal band hailing from Cologne, Germany. Founded in 2014, after the members’ old bands disbanded. Their music is a hybrid made up of US-black metal, doom, post punk and hints of ambience. With their hypnotic and melodic songs, and their captivating live-shows, ULTHA has become one of the most prolific bands in the German music underground.

Ever since 2007, Ortega have been exploring the murky depths of humanity’s longing for the horizon. It’s been 5 years since we’ve last heard from them, but the band emerges from it’s slumber and will perform a special set at their beloved VERA.

Throwing Bricks & Ontaard present: Oud Zeer; a Dutch term for the memories you’d rather get rid of, an old wound that keeps opening up. Two bands releasing music together, admitting that the past might shape you, but it doesn’t have to break you. Oud Zeer is set to release in April, and is the product of friends finding joy in heaviness.

Two-man formation All Are To Return present extreme, experimental music with an urgent sense of dread. Reflecting on the harshness of life laid bare to the vagaries of capital, of uncaring generations heaping misery on their successors and the life-forms with which they share a fragile biosphere. Their upcoming album is set to release during the Tartarus Records showcase at VERA.