The Vices bring a concrasting blend of brit pop and surf rock. Their performances are tight and explosive, easy to dance to and bring their playful characters to the mix. Their first tour they did with Nothing But Thieves sold out almost immediately playing as the band’s supporting act and ended up performing in big venues in Europe. It doesn’t matter where The Vices play, big or smaller venues, they will always bring a smile to your face!

The Vices are preparing themselves for their biggest club tour so far: the ‘Spit It Out!’ tour. The Vices are open, honest and are not afraid to do their things their own way. This will show in their music and live performances. Not in the mood to fullfill society’s standard? Spit It Out! Is there something going on? Spit It Out! If you want to have a night out where nothing is out of the ordinary? Come check out the ‘Spit It Out!’ tour!

Support Donkey Kid has written songs that evoke a sense of wide spaces, Abbey Road, Hendrix in Tanger and psychedelic substances, while reminiscing back to Manchester in the 80s at the same time. Donkey Kid’s songs are characterised by ambient noises, samples and short fades – they use a classic instrumentation and every moment they show how even in 2023 Indie canbeexciting, unadjusted and genre-breaking.