Timesbold, the project around singer-songwriter Jason Merritt (Whip), is back with new music! Known and loved for its fine and elegant Americana, the band has been releasing music with Merritt’s various bands and projects for over 20 years. For the first time since 2008, there’s a new Timesbold album.

Jason Merrit remains a strong storyteller and that can’t be said often enough. When he shows up, he shows up with style and emphasis. His words on their new album Not Still Here carry weight and don’t just manage the Timesbold legacy, they evolve it. The opener may lead you down the wrong track, but at the same time it’s one of the most interesting new tracks. Behind it awaits familiar, no less gripping fare between Americana, country, folk and singer/songwriter, crowned by a fascinating voice and no less rousing lyrics.

The support act of the evening, Jankobus Seunnenga, has set his beautiful, self-written poetic texts to music on his latest poetry collection Slijp Steen. Despite the sometimes introspective tone, humor is never far away. Slijp Steen is about taking time for things, in contrast to the spirit of the times. The performances for the new CD have an intimate atmosphere, where, alongside beautiful poetic songs, suddenly an absurd and crazy song appears, managing to put everything into perspective again.