This acclaimed and thought-provoking movie by Rubika Shah, which has been raking in awards, describes the genesis of a vigorous national protest movement. Rock Against Racism (RAR) was founded in 1976, thanks to the dubious political leanings of Eric Clapton, who had been expressing his support for the fascist UK Member of Parliament Enoch Powell.

White Riot combines fresh interview footage with extremely disturbing archive material illustrating the hostile environment of the era created by anti-immigrant hysteria and marching National Front thugs. While neo-Nazis recruited the youth of the nation, the multicultural RAR punk and reggae gigs formed the nucleus of resistance to the extreme right siren call. As one of the founders, Red Saunders explains: ‘We ripped away the Union Jack to reveal the swastika.’

Evolving from Hoxton fanzine roots, the movement culminated in 1978’s major antifascist carnival in Victoria Park, with a line-up featuring X-Ray Spex and Steel Pulse, and of course The Clash, whose rock star charisma and riotous conviction brought the RAR message to the masses.