Widowspeak in essence operates as a duo, anchored by the creative partnership between singer-songwriter Molly Hamilton and guitarist Robert Earl Thomas, though they tour as a full band. The two write songs with ear-wormy choruses and big guitar chords, supported by warm and expansive arrangements.

The band formed in 2010 in New York City, soon after their first few shows they were signed to the same record label as Wild Nothing, Mac DeMarco, DIIV and numeral others. Since being signed, Widowspeak has released six albums and toured for years, honing their craft. Each entry to their catalog  has marked a subtle reimagining of the band’s sound, though some points of reference remain the same: 90’s dreampop, 60’s psych rock and a certain unshakeable Pacific-Northwestness.

Support Laena Myers’ experimental punk background of guitar-based songwriting merges with her classical roots and love for singing ballads, leading to a depth of emotion that cuts to the heart of even the most hardened. Live, LAENA performs with varying accompaniment but most consistently is joined by guitarist/bassist Cole Berliner, playing songs off of her upcoming release interwoven with improvised violin, guitar loops and spoken word.