Formed in 2017 from the throes of Philadelphia, WITCHING have emerged as one the underground’s most exciting bands to watch out for. The band’s sound has evolved into genre-bending, nightmarish, blackened melodic death metal that embraces and embodies the fusion of pitch-black intensity through black metal, sludge, post-metal, and more.

With a handful of independently released EP’s, singles, and a full length album under their belts, WITCHING are calling out to unify the masses by bludgeoning their way into a world where everything is formulaically stacked against them. WITCHING is marking their own path and marching head-on into a hellish ouroboros of self-destruction and self-discovery to share triumph and perseverance.

Support Divided brings their refreshing combo of sludgy riffs, post-metal vibes and cutting vocals to the VERA Mainstage. The four-piece spent the last year in the recording studio, working on their first album, Light Will Shine, which saw the light of day in March.