In this slow burning social-realist drama, entertainers at a Greek all-inclusive resort prepare for a busy tourist season. Everything seems glamorous and glitzy, but the film sharply and poignantly shows a less friendly and luxurious side.

In Sofia Exarchou’s second film, the director tackles one of the most important axes of the Greek economy: the tourist industry. The result is a reflection on capitalism and an allegory for the masks that are put on in our society. The film managed to win quite a few awards this festival season, including the Golden Alexander and Best Actress at both the Thessaloniki International Film Festival and Locarno Film Festival.

This screening takes place in collaboration with Internationaal Filmfestival Assen, one of the oldest film festivals with an (intersectional) feminist tradition in Europe. They focus on films that question or break stereotypical gender or gender roles and patterns. The festival takes place this year from March 7 until 10.


Contentwarning: sexual violence, bad mental health, addiction