Every Saturday during the summer break, there’s a Zomercafé event in the basement bar or the smaller main hall! Running for 6 consecutive Saturdays, starting July 20th, it’s organized by the Downstage crew and curated in collaboration with various cultural partners. Admission is €3.00 each evening (free with a club card)!

Liza Dries is an artist and producer from Groningen who navigates the crossovers between experimental sounds and ethereal pop music. Her tracks paint a world resembling a simulation, where intimate themes are alienated by digital, glitchy sounds and vocal distortions.

Eilander is the musical alter ego of Marcus Bruystens (a composer-for-hire and bassist for legendary bands like Claw Boys Claw). Eilander creates boundless music: from hyper-detailed sophisti-pop to gritty psychedelic soundscapes, and everything in between. It’s still quite unclear what he will do this time, except that he’ll be performing with a band. And that it will be brilliant.

Our dear friend Joost Oomen needs little introduction. But for those who have been living under a cultural rock (it happens): Joost is a poet, writer, theater maker, drummer, and more recently, a DJ! During Best Kept Secret this year, armed with a stack of vinyl and poetry collections, he took his audience from a Cuban nightclub to a Nigerian block party. Where will we go now? Oh, lead us, Joost Oomen!