Vera would not be thé center of Underground Pop culture in Groningen without its many volunteers. At the moment, we have approx. 240 volunteers who, together with the staff, keep our awesome club up and running. Without our volunteers, VERA as you know it would not exist.

Traditionally, everybody can become a member of VERA as you work one daypart every two weeks. In exchange, members of VERA can visit all concerts and activities for free! There are many different functions for volunteers, and whether it’s hanging coats in the cloakroom or creating a lightshow for a band, they’re equally important for our program. As a volunteer, you take care of dividing and executing the work together with your group.

Wanna know more about volunteering in VERA, or do you have any other questions? Contact Niels: [email protected]

Here you can find more about the volunteer groups in Vera:

The main task of VERA’s bar staff is obviously running the bars and cloakroom. The bar staff is the biggest volunteer group in VERA. There are some sub-teams within the bar staff, such as the ticket sales group and the floor managers. The bar staff group is a good place to start in VERA, because you’ll get to know the club and all the activities that take place.

This is the group that takes care of what happens on and around the stage during concerts and dance nights. The tasks are divided between various groups, each with their own responsibility  like building the stage, unloading of the performing bands, creating the lightshow and taking care of the sound system. Hosting the bands is also one of the tasks of the  technic and production team.

VERA is famous for its home-made silkscreen posters. We have our very own silkscreen printing attic, where the posters are designed and printed by twelve in-house artists. You can find the posters in VERA, but also in many other locations in Groningen. Most posters can also be found on the website, in the Art Division section.

VERA also had a photo group. They shoot the concert photos, that can be found on this site in the Photos section. Want to join one of these groups? Send an email to [email protected]. Note: there can be a waiting list for these groups.

The Zienema group is responsible for our weekly cinema evening, which is mostly on the Tuesday. Together, they create the film program, edit the film if necessary, and take care of the promotion. Joining the Zienema is like running your own movie theatre. During a film evening, the Zienema transforms our main stage into a theatre, where the audience can enjoy a wide range of special films. They also run the counter and bars on this evening.

Every Saturday, you can spot new upcoming bands in the coolest place in town: the VERA Basement! These bands often come from Groningen and its surroundings, but also from overseas to let you hear a wide range of genres.

The Downstage bands are not part of the main program, but are booked by the programmer of the Downstage crew. The rest of the team hosts the bands, takes care of the sound and equipment, and the promotion for the Downstage program.

The VJs create the visuals that are shown during dance nights, and contribute to the cool vibe. VJs often work in pairs, but sometimes also alone.


Internship (light-) Technician
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Member of the Supervisory Board, VERA & Simplon
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