July 31, 1991
Our first Dead Moon show in the Salad bar as we always called it, thanks to Fred's unique way of not quite hearing things right or not being able to pronounce them correctly. Either way the name stuck with us. I remember a packed, hot, sweaty, long show with people crammed right up to the mike stands & Andrew's drums. Everything rocking at the same time so that electric bond with the audience was magic. Total controlled chaos, so honest & real that band & audience became one--no other feeling in the world like it! As part of Dead Moon's first full-fledged European tour with Edwin as tour manager, with that gig the long time connection between Dead Moon, Vera & Groningen was complete. For many years & many tours after that, Dead Moon started or ended each tour if possible with a "surprise" free gig in the Salad bar for good luck & a way to thank all the Vera faithful for their love & support.

I had the chance to return "home" to Vera for the 100 year anniversary celebration. Fred & Andrew were both gone by then, but even alone that sense of family returned. My turn to be surprised by a downstairs show with two young bands from my hometown Portland, Oregon. My turn to feel that magic as a member of the audience this time. Though unfamiliar with these bands, I was struck by the energy & honest passion of these young kids just starting out their touring years as mine were ending. It was great to meet them all that night & see the excitement in them for their first European tour. That same excitement that I remember so well. Fred Cole's lyrics came to mind----

" New kids on the block are taking my place, walking on my grave"

Way it was meant to be, someone stepped aside for Dead Moon I suppose & we make way for those who follow.

I did have the chance to play with Stevie, the guitar player, here in Portland at a wrap party for a production of "Batman Returns, Returns" we were both cast members in. We did a duet of a Pierced Arrows song, "Ain't Life Strange" for the rest of the cast in a small bar space in the venue. Really reminded me a bit of the "Salad bar"!

Happy 30 yr anniversary Kelder Bar.
-----  Toody/ Dead Moon