This concert or movienight is organised as a regular event. We will do a coronacheck at the door, you’ll need a valid ID and ticket. More information on this page.

It’s early 2020 when the playful noisepop trio The Homesick is set torelease its criticaly acclaimed SubPop-debut ‘The Big Exercise’. Things are looking bright for the band as they plan to tour the USfor the upcoming summer. From a small town up north in the Netherlandsto Seattle: it reads like a boy’s book, but like so many others, The Homesick now also has to start a new chapter without properly closing this one.

Quirky as she is, 18 months later The Homesick reinvented herself. Gone are the bass and the guitar: Elias Elgersma and Jaap van der Velde now each use a container of samples, keys, loops and cassettes full of recorded sounds. Together with the industrial driving drums of Erik Woudwijk it is playful and noisy as always. Unmistakably The Homesick and at the same time like you’ve never heard them before.

Support Pete Dilon draw sizzling intensity from the cables and currents. Through glitched-out electronics they cast found footage, field recordings and synths into the template of first wave industrial. Watch and listen as they veer from powerful, emotive soundscapes to towering rhythmic structures at rapid pace. Stark visual imagery by H€NK reinforces returning themes of machinery, ecology and depletion.